We Have Come and Seen Now Let’s Go and Tell Others

mary.joemagiIt is hard to believe that we have entered 2014 and that the season of Epiphany is upon us. This is the season in which we are encouraged to come and see, come and follow, go and tell others. As followers of Christ we are invited to reveal him to others through our words and actions so that they too might recognize him as Son of God and experience the hope and freedom that his message brings.

This is also a season to broaden our vision to remind ourselves of the many ways Christ is already at work in our world and how we can join in what he is already doing. Our growing desire in MSA is to equip followers of Jesus to do just that.

We live in a turbulent and challenging world and need resources that enable us to follow Christ with every breath and with every action. We are delighted by the stories of new spiritual practices and ministry opportunities that have emerged in people’s lives in 2013 and hope that 2014 will be even more effective. Through workshops, retreats, and written resources, we hope to stir all of our imaginations to creatively discover new ways to express the love of God and the purposes of Christ into our world.

Journey Into Wholeness

journey.wholeness.frontWe are pleased to announce that our new resource A Journey Into Wholeness: Soul Travel From Lent to Easter  is now available for pre-order at a special price. E-book will also be available early February. This book is based on our popular Lenten guide A Journey into Wholeness but incorporates daily reflections, updated resources and weekly litanies.

Keith R. Anderson, D Min President , The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology says:

Devotional texts are often hard to take because they lack substance or range of thought or depth of writing.  The title of this writing, A Journey into Wholeness,  makes a bold claim.  To offer daily reflections into wholeness will require substance, range, and depth, if it is to be richly whole itself.  The readings in front of you now offer all of that in an accessible way. 

Al Tizon, Co-president of Evangelicals for Social Action adds:

Journey is not spirituality for spirituality’s sake, as if to encourage some kind of evangelical-mystical navel-gazing. On the contrary, we’re invited to go deep within ourselves where Christ transforms us in order to become agents of transformation in a desperately needy world.”      

We hope that you will join us on this exciting journey through Lent and Easter.

Create Your Best Life in 2014

Our first workshop at the Mustard Seed House in Seattle will be held this coming Saturday January 11th. In Creating Your Best Life for 2014, Tom Sine will challenge participants to develop a sense of calling for the year and encourage them to create a one year plan that integrates spiritual growth and creative new possibilities for their lives. We hope you can join us for this exciting event.

To create our best life for the entire year we need discipline and regular renewal. March 1st I will facilitate our pre-Lent retreat, Return to Our Senses in Lent and November 15th a pre-Advent retreat, Return to Our Senses in Advent. Like the retreats that Tom and I take several times a year, these days are designed to help all of us keep our lives focused on God’s purposes and not allow the secular culture to distract us. Without this type of intentionality we will never become the people God intends us to be.

An Integrated Series on Faith and Sustainability

Though each of our retreats and workshops are stand alone events, we are also drawing them together as an integrated series on sustainable faith and sustainable life. It is our desire to provide a year long process that moves us on a journey of discovery towards both a more sustainable life and a more sustainable faith. Our integrated series includes:

  • Creating Our Best Life – Jan. 11 – facilitated by Tom Sine
  • Pre-Lent Retreat – Mar. 1 – facilitated by Christine Sine
  • To Garden with God – April 12th – co-facilitated by Christine Sine and Andy Wade
  • Justice At the Table –  September 27th – facilitated by Andy Wade
  • Pre-Advent Retreat – Nov. 15  – facilitated by Christine Sine

We hope you will also save the date for our annual Celtic retreat August 8-10 on Camano Island. Our theme for this year is, St Brigit and the Hospitality of God. Come be inspired and renewed to create new possibilities for your life.

By the end of 2014 we expect that some of these events will also be available as online offerings so that those who do not live in the Seattle area can join us in the journey. We also expect to have a new Advent/Christmas resource available so that at the very least we can all journey together through the reflective seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.

On the Godspace and Mustard Seed blogs we will host several series on sustainable life and sustainable faith throughout the year. If you would like to become part of one of these blogging teams please contact us for more information.

Join Us For An Exciting Year

We have an exciting year ahead and welcome your participation. Above all we appreciate your prayer, encouragement and support.

God bless,
Christine Sine
Executive Director MSA