We’re Ready For Lent – Are You?

— Christine Sine —

Kintsugi-Recently I discovered the Japanese art of Kintsugi in which ceramics are mended with resin infused with gold powder. The repair highlights the brokenness, creating a transformed item of great beauty. It reminded me of the transformation God wants to accomplish as we journey with Christ towards the Cross.

The beauty emerges only when we recognize something is both broken and valuable. When we pretend that things are not broken they cannot be renewed and transformed. When we think they are irreparable we throw them out and often miss the beauty of what God wants to create.

Ash Wednesday is just over a week away. It marks the beginning of what we believe can be a restorative and transformative journey for all of us. We hope that you will join us.

Get Ready at our Pre-Lent Retreat

The obedience of Lent is about being open and receptive to the voice of God. It necessitates a willingness to listen combined with a determination to respond and change our lives in accordance with what we hear. Such listening requires silence and reflection yet we are often distracted by busyness, worry and work.

There is still time to sign up for our Lenten retreat, to be held Saturday. “Return to Our Senses in Lent” will provide the opportunity for silence, reflection and decision-making all of us need at this season. We hope that you can join us.

Getting Ready with a Rich Array of Resources

Over the last week we have been busy completing and uploading a rich array of resources to assist all of us to make decisions about how we will celebrate the season:

Check out our latest resource, 40+ Activities for Lent and Easter, which can be downloaded for free from the MSA website. This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with our other new resources (below) or as a stand alone guide:

At Godspace we have uploaded a number of new resource lists that we hope will be useful to you:

New lists for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday will be added as Holy week approaches.
If there are other resources you feel should be added to the list please do not hesitate to add them in the comment sections.

Getting Ready with Obedience

At our last MSA team meeting we talked about possible cooperative practices for Lent. We considered various shared activities like reading A Journey Into Wholeness, as a group participating in the $2 challenge, or embarking on a carbon fast. We discarded all these suggestions. God has laid different ideas on each of our hearts for how to celebrate this season. Our joint responsibility is keeping each other obedient to the path God has marked out for us.

We believe that obedience to God’s will, giving priority to this over our own self will, is the primary task of our lives. Encouraging others on that journey is both a privilege and a responsibility. We pray that you will join us on this journey that together we may find the wholeness and completeness God intends for us and for our world

God bless,

Christine Sine
Executive Director, MSA