Moving Forward – April MSA Imaginings

Moving Forward

Spring is in full swing here in Seattle. The cherry blossoms have inspired us with their magnificence, the daffodils have refreshed us with their sunny faces, and the emerging greenery has filled us with hope. The season is moving forward in all its splendour, and we feel that here at MSA we are too.

Moving Forward towards Easter

This last month has been the busiest ever on both the MSA and Godspace blogs as people have enjoyed the daily reflections and prayers, downloaded 40+ Ideas for Lent, accessed resources from our Lenten resource lists, and purchased books and prayer cards. This week we are updating the Holy Week and Easter resource lists, the first of which, Stations of the Cross, is already available here.

Connecting people to creative resources that enrich their personal and congregational walk with God is a growing part of what we do. Next week we will upload another new free resource for you to download entitled “Resources for Starting a Faith Based Community Garden”. It is full of links to helpful books, websites and videos for both the backyard and church-based garden. Keep your eyes open, enjoy it, and share it with your friends.

Moving Forward in the Garden

Andy Wade and I are ready for the Spirituality of Gardening seminar April 12th. Our collaboration in facilitating this event inspires me to consider new ways to encounter and represent God in the garden.

prep.9I loved chatting with Andy this last weekend about what he is doing to transform his front yard garden in Hood River, Oregon into an inviting space for neighbours to gather. Starting with the question: what would happen if I designed my garden with God in mind? Andy has already transformed his backyard into a contemplative space. Read about what he is doing in his posts: The Inclusive Front Yard and Are You an Innie or an Outie – parts one and two.

In the Mustard Seed garden here in Seattle we are busily spreading compost and planting our early crops of lettuce, spinach, Chinese greens and brassicas (cauliflowers, cabbage, kale and broccoli). Inside our enclosed front porch we have tomatoes, basil and peppers as well as a variety of flowers growing rapidly. Once again these activities enliven me to the wonder of God’s presence shimmering through all creation.emerging seed.1

Save the date for our first ever plant sale May 3rd, a small fundraiser to help us expand the work we do in gardening and spirituality. We will have tomatoes, basil, squash, greens and flowers as well as garden soap, books and other resources available for purchase. We would love it if those of you in the Seattle area would drop by. Or you might like to pre-order your plants and pick them up at your own convenience. Download the plant order form here.

Moving Forward at the Mustard Seed Village

Last week Tom and I visited the property on Camano Island with Dennis Todd, our chief volunteer and construction consultant for this project. His “Wow! Wow! Wow!” expressed all of our feelings as we walked around the increasingly beautiful structure that is taking shape.

msv.class.1This week we are getting bids for the green roof, which should be installed shortly. It is so exciting to see this building project coming together. In June there will be opportunities to volunteer to be part of work parties to complete the walls and work on the interior. If you are interested, especially if you have construction expertise we would love to hear from you. Email us today and let us know!

Watch a slideshow of the progress so far!

Worship led by Ryan Marsh

We have raised the money to complete this first building but still need an additional $70,000 for road and infrastructure. Pray with us for the work and the resources. Our expectation is that this building will be complete and ready to be dedicated at our next Celtic retreat on August 9. We hope that you can join us for this momentous event. Our theme this year is “Brigit and the Hospitality of God”.

Moving Forward in Partnership and Collaboration

Inhabit ConferenceWe are once again partnering with The Parish Collective to be part of their upcoming Inhabit Conference April 25 & 26, at which Tom and I will be presenters. We are delighted to host Al Tizon, co-president of Evangelicals for Social Action, for the event and look forward to a pre-event luncheon with him April 24th. To attend this luncheon register here.

Other conversations are planned for May and June, and there are other exciting partnerships developing that we hope to share with you in the coming months.

This is an exciting time for Mustard Seed Associates. We are moving forward. We appreciate your prayers and your ongoing support as we journey together towards God’s new world.

Christine Sine
Executive Director MSA.