Celebrate Earth Day – Plan a Community Garden!

Community Gardens ResourceThe word “community” gets tossed around a lot these days. Although there are many definitions of community, when we speak about it in the context of faith it should include aspects of relationship-building, a joining together for a greater purpose than ourselves, and reconciliation – be that between races, economic differences, cultures or other areas that commonly divide us.

One effective way to build community is through shared gardening. Although many “community gardens” are little more than private plots on common land, there is so much more potential than this.

MSA’s new resource (in our new series: Resources from the Innovative Edge), Creating a Faith-Base Community Garden, is an extensive resource list for ideas, connections, and examples of how to move from the  cloistered pea patch to cultivating shared community and sacred spaces in the garden.

Click on the image to download your FREE copy today. And be sure to come back and share your stories and ideas with the rest of us!