India’s Garden Game Changer

— Andy Wade —

Cities all over the world are growing, and with this growth comes a multitude of challenges. Today India is facing the most rapid increase of urbanization in its history. Facing dangerously declining water levels, increased heat, and vegetables tainted by bacteria and industrial run-off, Prateek Tawari came up with a way to combat these growing ills while also battling climate change. As I watched this video (below) I began to wonder how we might rethink our current pitched-roof housing designs so that we could take advantage of this kind of imaginative idea.

MSV Green RoofWe’ve just completed the installation of a green roof on our first building at Mustard Seed Village (more photos to come). It’s so much easier to incorporate new ideas into new buildings or, in the case above, buildings which already have flat roofs, but I wonder what kind of creative retrofitting could be done to adapt the millions of homes and buildings all around the world to a new way of living?