August MSA Imaginings

Moving On But Much To Do


lab.4The MSA team has just returned from our Celtic retreat on Camano Island. Attendees felt it was one of the best we have facilitated.


The weather was perfect, the potluck meals lavish, the liturgies and music rich and renewing. Walking prayer trails and the labyrinth, painting our Celtic mural and churning butter filled the afternoon to overflowing. To cap it off, Derek McNeil, Senior VP for Academic Affairs at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, dedicated our first building that is slowly taking shape at the Mustard Seed Village.


This weekend engendered much of the ethos of MSA. Strangers quickly became community. Participants inspired each other through conversation and biblical reflection to consider new possibilities for life and faith in an environment of simplicity, spirituality and hospitality.


One attendee had replaced his small one man tent before the event with a larger tent that could sleep several people. As a result he was able to offer hospitality to another attendee who had no tent. His hospitable act encouraged all of us to consider simple, practical, ways to share our lives with others.


window.shotThe downside of the Celtic retreat was viewing the vandalism caused by gunshots that had penetrated our building and shattered some of our new windows. Our initial thoughts towards the perpetrators were not kind and loving. Then we read the words in our liturgy:

May this place be always open. May it never be closed to anyone, lest we should close it to Christ himself.

How to show hospitality to those who had vandalized our property became quite a discussion point. You can read my reflections and the surprising encouragement from God in this challenging event in my post, Can We Show Hospitality to Vandals? 


In the last few days I have also uploaded the liturgies from the retreat. These have already inspired members of our global constituency who were unable to attend. We hope they will inspire you too.


Halfway Through But Not There Yet

The encouraging response of so many makes us realize how much we need new ways to resource our friends around the world and assist each of you to create possibilities for your life and future. We believe that e-courses are an important way to accomplish this.


buttonWe have crossed the 20% mark in our kickstarter campaign to launch our first e-course based on my popular book, Return to Our Senses, but still need $4,000 to reach our goal. It is a tense and exciting time and we hope that you will help this happen.


Contributors have already mentioned how they are looking forward to sharing this new resource with their churches and small groups. Others can’t wait to use the material for personal retreats. It seems like everyone is excited by this wonderful opportunity to further the work of Mustard Seed Associates and challenge our constituency to become more whole-life disciples.


Kickstarter is a crowd-funding website that allows you to collect pledges towards a goal. Through Kickstarter we are able to offer rewards to those individuals who choose to pledge money towards our project.

Our campaign has rewards starting at the $25 level. However, at the $75 level your reward will be the e-course itself at no additional cost. (See other rewards in the sidebar)


The challenging part of a Kickstarter campaign is that, if we do not reach our goal, we do not get any of the money pledged (and you are not charged). We have 14 days left to raise $4,000. Please consider partnering with us.


If you can’t contribute, share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Join us in this exciting venture to expand the impact of what we do and to interact on a deeper level with our constituents around the globe.


Much Happening In the Next Few Months

We also hope that you can join us at these upcoming events at Mustard Seed House in Seattle:

Thank you for your supportiveness of all we do at Mustard Seed Associates.

God bless,

Christine Sine
Executive Director, MSA