A Journey Toward Home: Soul Travel For Advent to Lent

BookCoverImageWe are excited to launch our new MSA resource, A Journey Toward Home, with a special discount price of $11.95 available through November 5th.

For most of us, the birth of Christ conjures up images of a dirty stable where Jesus and his family are alone and abandoned. We imagine a few shepherds, foreigners and animals and an angel overhead but who else might have been present?  A Journey Toward Home challenges readers to pose this question through daily reflections and weekly gatherings with family, friends, or church communities where all are invited to “Gather, Feast, and Create” during these months surround the birth of Christ, when we welcome God among us.

Worship curator Mark Pierson comments:

Advent to Epiphany is not a resource book in the usual sense – there are no lists of “10 ways to celebrate Christmas.” Its a book of stories from a wide range of people. (An amazing range actually). Each story opens up the content of that day in ways that are heart-warming and heart-wrenching. Its not sentimental. The stories have substance and lead to insights and responses that are unexpected. This is a unique resource for personal, group and congregational reflection during these seasons. I will be drawing from it again and again for many years to come.

We believe this is a valuable resource and invite you to join us in using it throughout the coming season. Order here. E-version available November 5th.

Stop the Madness

pre-advent.retreat.postcardWe also invite you to join us November 15th at the Mustard Seed House for a contemplative retreat facilitated by Christine Sine.

Last year participants told me the retreat was not long enough so we have made full and half day options possible. 

Join us for the full day and experience a morning of reflection, contemplation and inspiration that will encourage you to journey toward Christ’s birth with renewed focus and faith. Learn from the rich presentations and reflective insights of fellow participants how to deepen your prayer life and draw closer to God. 

In the afternoon exercise the insights and skills you have learned to develop your own spiritual practices for the seasons of Advent and Christmas and create your own special sacred space as a focus for celebrating the season.  

Prayer Cards Available

prayer.cardsWe continue to receive good feedback on our prayer cards, which not only make great gifts but are also being used for personal prayer, church and small group meditations, grief groups and counseling situations. As well as the prayer sets you can order multiple copies of a single card (minimum 10 cards).