Living Lives We Hate

— Andy Wade —

Selection_045OK, maybe that title is a bit much. Then again, maybe it isn’t! As we approach the season of Advent it’s helpful to reflect on the lives we live, really live, and whether or not they represent our deepest desires as we walk this path of faith.

One of my favorite comments by Tom Sine is that we often fail to question the underlying assumptions behind our decisions. Have we bought into a lifestyle that actually conflicts with our stated values and beliefs? Until we really reflect on our lives, not just the choices we make but also the assumption underlying those choices, we’ll probably not even know the answer to that question.

In the TEDx talk in the video below, “Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love”, Adam Baker explores how easy it is to buy into a story line that may well be the complete opposite of your hopes and dreams for life.

As a Christian, I find this even more compelling. It’s so easy to slide into the consumer vision we’ve been sold. Churches even go so far as to twist scripture to theologically justify a life of excess as some kind of evidence God is blessing us for our faithfulness. And yet the more stuff we have, the more debt we accumulate, and the more entrenched we become in the lifestyle of more, the less free we are to actually fulfill our calling in Christ to be ambassadors of reconciliation: of healing, hope, and freedom in Jesus.

Our “tag line” at Musatard Seed Associates is “Inspire… Connect… Create”, and yet the more trapped we become through debt and lifestyle choices the less inspired we are, the less time we have to really connect with others on a deep level, and the less able we are to truly be creative.

One of the best books I’ve read to help us out of this trap is Mark Scandrette’s most recent book, Free! Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most. Another helpful companion book to sort out life priorities and hone your “purpose” is Tom and Christine Sine’s book, Living on Purpose: Finding God’s Best For Your Life.

Watch the video then let us know what challenges you face trying to live simply and faithfully in a society bent on excess.