Thank You for Journeying with Us

Today I give thanks.001The liturgical year, which sets the rhythm for much of what we do at MSA is almost over. Officially it ends on Saturday, but last year we messed with tradition and began Advent early, with a week of gratitude and thanksgiving to embrace American Thanksgiving. It was so meaningful that we decided to continue the tradition this year.

Last week I posted this liturgy of thanksgiving and have followed it up with several thanksgiving prayers and reflections. One person commented that they consider this the season of releasing what is not life-affirming and experiencing gratitude for those things that do affirm life. All of this culminates in the outpouring of thanks during Thanksgiving. What a wonderful practice for us to grab hold of as we enter this holiday season.

There is so much to be grateful for. I am particularly grateful for the way so many in the MSA community have been drawn together by our overarching theme of hospitality. Through gatherings, reflections on both Godspace and the MSA blogs, and the rich contributions from so many of you to our two collaborative book projects, A Journey Toward Home and A Journey Into Wholeness, we have journeyed together into new understandings of what it means to be the people of God.

We invite you to continue this journey throughout Advent and Christmas and into the new year. We hope that you will sign up to read the daily reflections at Godspace on the theme Welcome to the Manger, Who Will You Invite? Or follow the Mustard Seed Associates Facebook page or twitter, where these will also be posted. We also wanted to remind you of the many resources we have available to assist your journey at this season.

Prayer Cards sm.prayer.cardsadvent-lent.bundleBundle for A Journey Toward Home & A Journey Into Wholeness, book and ebook bundles available!

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