Tom’s Blogging Again

– Tom Sine –

Hey friends,

This is my first blog post in awhile.  I am trying to learn more about what God is stirring up on the innovative edge in these turbulent times:

  • What are creative ways God is igniting your imaginations to create new ways make a difference and be a difference in times like these? 
  • How is God using your mustard seed to have a little impact in the lives of others?

Please post a bit of your story in the comment section below.

Tom SineSeveral months ago I took the plunge and joined Facebook.  I think I have 800 friends  however, I feel like a stranger on a strange planet so I finally decided to start a conversation.  I asked people what God was stirring up with their mustard seeds.  Here are their exciting responses and my request for more. I would welcome your responses to their creativity too.  Would you consider joining this conversation on this blog site or on Facebook?


Here is my first Facebook response to those that wrote back to me:

Thanks for all of your encouraging stories and feedback. I’m eager to learn more about creative expressions from both those who have responded and from other innovators this week. 

  • Al Reberg responded by celebrating the hope of what God can do through our mustard seeds. Al could you tell us a little bit more about what the young people in your church are doing to create roads that offer hope to others?
  • I was very glad to hear from Patty Wilkinson Doty given the escalating violence in the Middle East and Africa. She is praying for peace advocates in the holy land seeking to build bridges between Christians and Muslims. Patty I would love to hear a couple of stories of way that God is at work through those peacemakers.
  • I was intrigued to hear from Dave Wiles and Tim Evans who have been engaged in one of my favorite activities. They have been collecting stories of what God has been doing on the innovative edge in the UK. I would appreciate it if you guys could send us back a couple of the most innovative examples that you have come across in your travels and encourage everyone to go to their link to learn more about their journey.
  • I was so glad to hear from my friend Lucas Land he is exploring one of the most important new movements called Watershed Discipleship. Ched Myers author of Bind the Strong Man has created a new form of discipleship that has at the core care for God’s good creation. Check them out. This is a wonderful new movement that deserves more visibility as we face some of the daunting new challenges facing our fragile planet.

I would love to hear from others about the innovative ways God is using your mustard seeds to be a difference and make a difference in times like these. Tell us what God‘s stirring up in your life and let’s keep this important conversation growing….

Tom Sine