Watershed Discipleship

– Tom Sine –

I am looking for people who are finding innovative new ways to give expression to their faith in these uncertain times. Please send me stories of innovation and creativity.

Watershed discipleship” is a creation of Ched Myers and his friends. Ched argues:

ventur_watershed_map“…the theological endgame puts humanity in a watershed moment that demands serious sustained engagement; we must choose between denial and discipleship. Both our love for the Creator and the interlocking crisis of global warming, peak “everything,” and widening ecological degradation should compel us to make environmental justice and sustainability to everything we do as disciples-and as citizen inhabitants of specific places.”

Ched encourages us to get to know the places where we live…the watershed that is a part of place in the world. He asks how can each of us, as followers of Christ, create new ways not only learn about the natural landscapes of where we live, but also join those that are creating ways to preserve our landscapes and make them flourish. This is a very fresh approach of what it means to be disciple for me.


“Watershed discipleship” is an intentional triple entendre. The ecological endgame that stalks our history puts humanity in a watershed moment…”

What is your response?

  • What are innovative ways you are seeking to not only work for sustainability where you live but to join those who are encouraging their landscapes to flourish?
  • What are your stories of creative ways God is using your mustard seed to be a difference and make a difference? Let me hear from you this week!!!