Resurrection Sunday Reflection

— Andy Wade —



I wish I could say I would be one of those still waiting in Jerusalem. Waiting, hoping, longing. But I would likely be on the road to Emmaus with my friend, headed back home, back to life as usual. I can see us walking along with Jesus, so numbed by the events of the week that we don’t even recognize him. Over and over the details of those days have churned in my mind. Now I’m headed home, still confused, but moving on with life. This strange traveling companion scrapes open my soul-wound, making me recount the horrors I long to forget. When I get to the end of my story my only conclusion is, “…and we had hoped he was the one to redeem Israel.”

It wasn’t until we begged him to stay with us that I began to understand. Taking the role of host, this man blessed and broke our bread. Our eyes were opened! How could this be? Then he was gone. Somehow, don’t ask me how, Jesus was alive! This was not just some delusional vision. Just as in the upper room a few nights earlier, Jesus physically handed us the bread!

Alive with hope and no longer afraid of the dangers along the way, my friend and I sprang to our feet and headed back to the others. Jesus lives! This changes everything!

Looking back over the meditations of this week, what changes and why? How does the Jesus’ resurrection change how I view the world around me – – – the poor, the un-housed, the hurting, the lonely, the despised? How do I begin today to live into the reality of the resurrection? How do I keep myself from returning to life as usual come Monday morning? “This changes everything!”

OK, maybe I can list out just what in my life and relationships this changes and how. Maybe, if I’m proactive, I can really join Jesus on this faith-adventure and follow him, with joy and hope, into the broken places of my life, my neighborhood, and my world. Maybe, just maybe, this really does change everything!