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School’s in Session!

School is Open!

School is Open!

If you long for a vibrant prayer life and intimacy with Jesus you have come to the right place. The complete e-course, Reimagining How We Pray with Christine Sine – all six sessions – is now available through the Mustard Seed online school. This course will reward you, not with theories on prayer, but with first hand accounts of how various practices affect one’s love relationship with Christ, with our neighbors, and with God’s world. This course is a practical guide to the formation of sacred space and spiritual practices in many forms and is guaranteed to enrich your spiritual life.

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How to Simplify Your Life, with Mark Scandrette. The symptoms of a stressed-out world are all around us, from the increased diagnosis of anxiety disorders to the number one cause of cancer (stress). We know we need to calm down, slow down, and simplify – but boy is it hard. This course is perfect for anyone who is struggling to live faithfully in a stressed-out world.

Animate Faith, with Brian McLaren, Nadia Bolz-Weber, Lauren Winner, Bruce Reyes-Chow and others. If you want to explore questions about God, Jesus and religion, grapple with what it means to be saved or wonder why you should read the Bible and go to church, this is the course for you.

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It’s Not Too Late to Join Us at Inhabit

inhabit.2015Each year hundreds of practitioners, pastors, social entrepreneurs, church planters, community leaders, environmentalists, denominational executives, publishers, professors, urban planners, and artists from all over the globe come together to connect, collaborate and celebrate the good work being done in thousands of neighborhoods and parishes. They share a common vision for seeing the transformation of the church through their participation in their neighborhood. They are educated yet grounded in practice, committed to interdisciplinary work, and invested in the flourishing of the Kingdom of God.

Join Us on Retreat

celtic.2015With the inspirational 6th century Irish monk Columba as our guide, we will walk together through scripture, reflection, worship, and creative spiritual exercises, stirring our imaginations and opening our hearts and minds to the reconciling power of God. Our 24th annual Celtic Prayer Retreat on August 7th-9th is your invitation to enter this journey.

There will be plenty of time and space for inner renewal, plus lots of fun, fellowship and food as we journey together toward restoration and wholeness. And bring the kids to the children’s program too.

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At the MSA Store

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Spirit of AdoptionBoats without Oars: Ancient-Future Evangelism, An American Road Trip and Collected Stories from the Episcopal Church by Kristin and Michael Carroccino

The Spirit of Adoption: Writers on Religion, Adoption, Faith and More with contribution by MSA team member Forrest Inslee.

prayer.cardsPrayer Cards: These are perfect for gifts, counseling and grief therapy. Order a set of 10 different cards or choose your favourite and order 10 of the same card.

An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality and Creating a Faith Based Community Garden are the most popular of our free resources. Download them today.

Latest Posts on Reconciliation

Easter is over but our need for reconciliation is ongoing. We need constant reminders that the good news of the gospel is God’s desire to reconcile all things to God’s self. Check out The Reconciling Power of Resurrection for the posts so far on both the Godspace and MSA blogs.

Summer Internship Still Available

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability and spirituality? Are you interested in mentorship with Tom and or Christine Sine? Would you like to spend the summer as part of the MSA team. This intern will help both organize and develop our annual retreat, assist with writing projects, help tend our garden and attend Mustard Seed House conversations. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Mustard Seed House community for a short time. Other volunteer opportunities also available. More information here.