Brain Rut

— Andy Wade —

My youngest and I used to have a game of air-head jokes – We’d go up in an elevator and I’d ask if he felt smarter. I’d burp, or otherwise release gas, and he’d suggest my IQ just dropped a few points. Another joke was when he’d forget something and I’d ask if he was experiencing a vapor-lock. And that last one is what the video below make me think of. We train our brains over the course of hours, weeks and years and we just can’t flip a switch to change our thinking patterns even when we’ve received new knowledge. It’s like we’re experiencing vapor-lock in our brains.

As we explore the topic of reconciliation this year, this video reminds me just how important grace is in the process. We get frustrated because we know what is right but can’t seem to change. We get angry because others say they want to work on the “issue” but don’t act like it – they just keep repeating the same patterns that led to the fractured relationship. Both parties need grace.

Think of a personal situation where reconciliation is needed. Now watch this video with that in mind. Does it change your perspective? Your approach?

Destin Sandlin is the creator of the YouTube channel, Smarter Everyday. Check it out, it’s fascinating!