Colonizing Earth

– Andy Wade –

Indigenous people need us to listen. Our worldview is so shaped by the assumptions of western empire and economics that we don’t even see the ongoing effects of colonization of those first living on these lands. In the video below Winona LaDuke, an Anishinaabekwe (“the original people”), speaks about how the dominant assumptions of western society continues to chip away at the rights and culture of her people.

This is a very important talk on so many levels, though. Exposing an ancient perspective of the land, work, and community, Winona challenges us to see the world differently. In fact, as we explore the broad issue of reconciliation this year we would be remiss if we didn’t listen to the voices of Native Americans.

  • What does it mean to be reconciled to the land?
  • How many of our underlying western assumptions actually work against healing, hope, and sustainability for all creation?
  • What do western economics, industrial agriculture, and science have to do with justice, the environment, and reconciliation?

Winona is not simply championing Native American rights, she sees the connections with native peoples around the globe and reveals a way forward for all of us.

Winona LaDukeWinona LaDuke, the renowned indigenous rights leader and two-time Green Party U.S. Vice Presidential candidate highlights the struggles of indigenous peoples to protect their food sovereignty, restore their food systems and protect their cultures and foods from genetic modification. This speech was presented at the 2007 Bioneers National Conference in San Rafael, CA.