Creating with Broken Glass


— Christine Sine —

Last weekend Tom and I went out to the Mustard Seed Village with a crowd of volunteers to help get the site ready for our Celtic retreat next week. I was amazed at how quickly the messy chaos of weeds and broken glass could be transformed. In just a couple of hours of mowing, weed-whacking and sweeping, we were almost ready for the retreat. 

On Tuesday I challenged Godspace followers to offer creative suggestions on how to use the broken shards and I invite you to join the creative discussion. Some of the shattered glass is still adhering to the window framework, creating this rather beautiful pattern (below-right). We would like to transform it into an art piece that flows out of reflection and meditation.

Watch a slide show from last year’s retreat! 

We are delighted at the response so far. One person commented: What a wonderful idea to create something beautiful and reflective to respond to hate and destruction, and wonderful ideas have indeed emerged. Some of these, like pouring broken glass between two glasses to create a candle holder, we will incorporate into our worship at the Celtic Prayer Retreat next weekend.

kira.glassOther ideas, like the creation of glass mosaics or pottery that incorporates glass into the clay, will take more time and skill to develop. Some are just inspirational links to artists, like these, who create with broken glass.

All this makes us realize that the transformation that can emerge from brokenness is an ongoing, creative process. We plan to apply ourselves to the task, and we invite you to participate with us.

Join us for the Celtic retreat “Reconciliation and the Shalom of God”.


Forrest Inlsee and his daughter, Kayra, did an amazing job of cleaning up the broken glass!