August Imaginings – Moving Forward have just returned from our 24th annual Celtic retreat on Camano Island. We think it was one of the best we have facilitated, and implementing some of your suggestions on how to use the broken glass in our worship was a powerful part of that.

sm.wors.4The weather was perfect, the potluck meals lavish, the liturgies and music rich and renewing. Walking prayer trails and the labyrinth, painting rocks, sand dollars and sticks, making wind chimes and hangings from branches and shells filled the afternoon to overflowing.

Mini – Cabin is On the Way

We are excited to announce that in the next couple of months we will construct our first housing unit at the Mustard Seed Village. We have chosen a Dakota mini-cabin, available from Aurora Quality Builders in nearby Marysville. We will add a composting toilet, a propane powered kitchenette, and possibly solar panels as well to make it a comfortable off-the-grid dwelling for around $30,000.

dakota-mini-cabinOne of our major afternoon discussions at the Celtic retreat, which flowed from your input, was the building of this “tiny house” to establish a permanent presence on the land. Deciding which plan to use has been a struggle. We grappled with questions like: How do we make affordable housing environmentally sustainable? How do we employ creative design in such a project? and How do we create a structure that blends in with our overall Mustard Seed Village design? All of these issues are important , yet we also need something that is affordable, available locally and can be built quickly.

The Dakota cabin is a beginning place. We believe it will provide a foundation for further discussions on housing that will result in the design and construction of more innovative units in the coming year that are both environmentally sustainable and more aesthetically in keeping with our overall plan. The potential for creating a range of affordable, creative living designs is exciting. We hope you will journey with us and continue to share your imaginative ideas and thoughts on this issue. Our building may be unfinished and the land undeveloped, but our Center for Imagination and Innovation is obviously already thriving.

Stir Your Creative Juices with Rest and Renewal

Creativity and innovation are inspired by times of retreat and renewal. The MSA team has all enjoyed such times over the last couple of months and we invite you to join us in this the next few months.

Learning-to-Rest.001Rest in the Moment, a spiritual retreat for renewal and refreshment, will be held September 26th at the Mustard Seed House. Join us for a time of prayer, reflection and creativity as we invite the spirit of God to stir our imaginations and guide us into a rhythm of rest and restoration. We will discuss ways that a rhythm of rest can be incorporated into our busy life and explore creative spiritual practices that will encourage this pattern.

 Rest in the Moment

Those who cannot retreat with us here in Seattle may appreciate a new prayer card series we will publish in conjunction with this retreat. This series of ten cards will provide a variety of morning, midday and evening prayers that encourage us to pause throughout the day and rest in the moment. Or you may like to use some of the Meditation Monday blog posts like Rest in the Moment and Learning to Rest to create your own spaces of rest and refreshment.

We are shaping up for a busy but exciting season as we continue to develop our Center for Imagination and Innovation. We appreciate your prayers and your supportiveness as we move forward.

God bless,
Christine Sine
Executive Director MSA