World Food Day

— Christine Sine —

October 16th is World Food Day  proclaimed in 1979 by the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O.) of the United Nations, to heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Why does this matter? My colleague Andy Wade wrote an excellent post Just Us At the Table? that helps us put this in perspective – as he says – It is never just us at the table. So many contribute to the food we eat, and so many are badly treated in the process.

Thinking about that this morning and remembering the millions who will not have enough food for today I wrote this prayer and gathered the following resources.

Lord give us today our daily bread.
Let us remember those who do not have bread for today.

May we willingly share your generous provision,
With all who hunger and lack adequate nutrition.
In our own communities and across the globe. 

Lord give us today our daily bread.
Let us stand in solidarity with those who risk their health to provide our food.

May we cry out for justice in the food industry,
For all workers exposed to toxic chemicals and pesticides.
For farmworkers not paid a living wage.

Lord give us today our daily bread.
Let  us remember our bodies are God’s holy temple.

May we not eat too much or eat unwisely,
And  destroy our health,
Or deplete our planet’s resources.

Lord give us today our daily bread.
Let us remember we are all part of God’s worldwide community.

May we work together to steward the world God has created,
Recognizing our responsibility as caretakers and neighbours,
 And joining in the celebration of God’s good creation.

And you might like to watch this powerful video from Hungry Planet that highlights the inequity of food consumption in our world