Get Ready for Lent!


Lent is almost here. On Wednesday next week, many of us will attend Ash Wednesday services and commit ourselves to a season of denial and self examination. Lent is not meant to be about deprivation however. Our giving up is meant to transform our old self-centered life into a new life of community, mutuality and justice. Lent prepares us to live kingdom lives of compassion, generosity and caring.

Hungering for LifeWe invite you to think a little outside the box as you get ready for Easter this year. Download Hungering for Life: Creative Exercises for Lent and join us on a journey of creativity and transformation. What gnaws with hunger pangs at your soul, and what do you plan to do about it? Are you hungering after Gods call for transformation within yourself, or are you passionate for justice and healing in our world? Are you getting ready for life or for death? Ignite your imagination to create new practices that move you forward into the celebration of Easter’s resurrection life.

Each week beginning with Ash Wednesday, we will provide a focus word, a scripture passage and questions to reflect on. The last word, resurrection/life will see us through from the Wednesday of Holy Week into the season of Easter. This will also be the theme on the MSA blog Godspace, which you might like to visit for daily reflections, prayers and ideas.

Use the Lenten guide to create a Lenten journal. Look for photo opportunities, draw pictures, write a poem, or engage in some other creative activity that responds to the word. We invite you to share these with the MSA team and others with whom we are walking the journey by posting in the MSA Facebook group.


Enrich Your Journey with MSA’s Lenten Resources

The MSA store provides a rich array of other resources to aid your Lenten journey including:Lenten Prayer Cards

On Godspace we have added a new resource list Lenten Prayers – Dietrich Bonhoeffer Mother Teresa and More. which includes links to all our updated Lenten resource lists for worship, creativity, celebrating with kids and for Holy week.

If you’re planning on the discipline of study for Lent, our online school has new classes available including “Spirituality and Racial Justice” with Episcopal Church USA’s Presiding Bishop, Miachael Curry, and “Whiteness and Racial Justice” with Rev. Dr. Kelly Brown Douglas.


Celebrate St Brigit’s Feast Day with Us.

Brigit and the Hospitality of God!/Brigit-and-the-Hospitality-of-God/p/55631122/category=1719097Today is Brigit’s Feast day and in celebration of one of our favourite saints, we invite you to download our mp3 Brigit and the Hospitality of God at a special 50% discount – just enter the special code, FEASTDAY, good through Sunday, February 7th.


Sign Up for a Summer Internship
This is an amazing opportunity to spend time in the Mustard Seed House community, help with the garden, help plan and facilitate the Celtic retreat, be mentored by Tom and Christine Sine and other members of the MSA team and deepen your faith. Other volunteer opportunities to join our team also exist. More details are available here.

This is an exciting season for us at MSA, we appreciate your prayers and your supportiveness as we continue to grow the mustard seeds God is planting and move forward together.

God bless,
Christine Sine
Executive Director