Our fall launch has been postponed – stay tuned for updates about our new launch date.

Cascadia Sustainability SemesterMustard Seed Associates has partnered with Creation Care Studies Program to create CCSP-Cascadia, a 15.5 week residential interdisciplinary environmental studies program based on Camino Island, in the Pacific Northwest.

The semester starts with an eight-day orientation. The penultimate week of the semester is entitled “Integration Week” and entails a semester capstone class taught by the program director and is formally part of the sustainable community development course. The final week of the semester is “Debriefing Week” and is devoted to preparing students emotionally, spiritually, socially and intellectually to return home.

Three courses are the same as those taught in CCSP Belize and New Zealand, and they also draw from the same faculty pool as these programs. Those same courses are: God and Nature, Introduction to Sustainable Community development, and internship. The new courses are Social Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Issues.

The core curriculum, therefore, consists of three, 4 credit courses (300 level) and two elective courses. The 4 credit core courses are: God and Nature, Social Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Issues. The elective courses are Introduction to Sustainable Development (3 credits) and an internship (2 credits).

Mustard Seed Village MapCreation Care Studies Program (CCSP) Cascadia is based on a 40-acre parcel of forested land on Camano Island, Washington. Located half way between Seattle and Vancouver, BC, Camano Islan


d is a mostly-rural, idyllic region surrounded by the Salish Sea, yet linked to the mainland by a land bridge. It is centered in the Pacific Northwest, a region renowned for three important characteristics: environmental sensibility, entrepreneurial innovation, and Native culture influence. The coastline and temperate forests of Camano and its surroundings provide a rich setting for environmental study.

Mustard Seed VillageMSA is building a residential campus, Mustard Seed Village, on its property starting with a classroom due for completion in 2013. While on-site residential facilities are being built students and staff will be accommodated in a residential community setting in nearby homes owned by MSA, and additional rental accommodation. Classes will be conducted in the new classroom.