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  • Creating with Broken Glass

    Creating with Broken Glass

      — Christine Sine — Last weekend Tom and I went out to the Mustard Seed Village with a crowd of volunteers to help get the site ready for our Celtic retreat next week. I was amazed at how quickly the messy chaos of weeds and broken glass could be transformed. In just a couple […]

  • dreamstime_xs_26405959

    Assessing the MSV Damage – Discernment Works!

    Discernment works, and through the voices of many we find God’s direction. I am convinced of that as I sit here this morning reading through the many rich and varied responses to our newsletter about the damage at the Mustard Seed Village. Thank you for all of you who responded with sympathy and encouragement to […]

  • Reconciliation & Friendship Gardening

    Reconciliation & Friendship Gardening

    — Deb Burger — Hello, friends! I’m a very long distance member of the Mustard Seed Associates community, but I do read facebook posts, your email newsletters, and do pray for and with you.  I have been reflecting and listening, in response to your question, “What does a reconciler look like?”, and specifically the challenge to […]

  • Reflections on Broken Windows

    Reflections on Broken Windows

    – Forrest Inslee – I find that in times of setback, it is sometimes helpful to find lessons that can be learned in the midst of disappointment. In the case of the vandalism of our beautiful new classroom there is certainly wisdom to be gleaned from experience! Vandalism is nothing new on the MSA land; […]

  • What Does a Gospel Reconciler Do?

    What Does a Gospel Reconciler Do?

    — Christine Sine — Many of you have already heard that our beautiful building, at the site of the Mustard Seed Village on Camano Island, has been violated by vandals. All the windows and doors have been smashed to smithereens. We are devastated. We have had vandalism before but usually nuisance interference. This is the […]