Hungering for Life – Lent

Hungering for Life
We invite you to think a little outside the box as you get ready for Easter this year and join us on
a journey of creativity and transformation throughout the season of Lent.

In this booklet each week throughout Lent, beginning with Ash Wednesday on February 10th, we will provide a
focus word, a scripture passage and questions to reflect on. Each Wednesday our focus will
shift to a new word. Because we always want to end with the kingdom rather than the cross, we
have added the theme of resurrection/life to see us through the last days of Holy Week and into

The words are chosen to enable us to grapple with the central theme of this booklet. This will
also be the theme on the MSA blog Godspace, which you might like to visit for additional daily
reflections, prayers and ideas.

As you get ready to walk through Lent and look forward to the celebration of Easter’s
resurrection life this year, what gnaws with hunger pangs at your soul, and what do you plan to
do about it? Are you hungering after God’s call for transformation within yourself? Is it your
passion for justice and healing that eats at your heart? Is it your desire for the restoration of
polluted areas of our earth? Or is it something else that comes to mind? Are you getting ready
for life or for death?

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