Mustard Seed Village Pole Barn - 1Tom and I have just spent an amazing day celebrating at the Mustard Seed Village on Camano Island. A team of 11 volunteers raised and bolted 8×32′ beams to the fir poles already planted as foundations for our first building. But we need your help to complete it.

Listen to Graham Kerr as he shares his enthusiasm for this project.

My wife, Treena, and I have had multiple seeds sown in our spiritual lives, several of these were MUSTARD SEEDS.

Has this been the case for you?

We are close personal friends of Tom and Christine Sine. We have known them for almost as long as we have been Christians and that is now well over 30 years. Time and time and time again both Tom and Christine have blessed our lives with their multiple ways of serving the Body of Christ worldwide through Mustard Seed Associates.

If you find yourself with a similar harvest we want you to know that there is a way to save some of the seeds and to re-sow them in a very special piece of land.

YES.  WE KNOW..this now sounds like a fundraising letter…however, we really must ask you to take a deep breath and allow us to ‘plough on’, if you excuse us for playing with words?

Tom and Christine strongly believe they are to create a place apart where Christians can come to prayerfully consider the future and how they may be a creative part in our return to the resilience that our Creator God has sown into the very fabric of both the earth and all that is still alive…and that, our friends, includes us!

They purchased unspoiled ‘resilient’ acres of woodland on Camano Island, about 60 miles North of Seattle. Last week they helped raise the beams for the roof on the first building and now want to finish it and focus their gifting to teach and receive the kind of forward looking (visionary) planning for humankind to care for God’s good creation and each other, until He comes.

Christianity is a prophetic ‘religion’. We hope and long for the return of Jesus.
That alone makes us a prophetic people. The purpose for our prophesy is that we should ” strengthen, encourage and comfort” 1 Corinthians 14:3.

Tom and Christine have gone as far as they are able to go financially. Their ministry over so many wonderful years is of unquestioned value. It is now up to us who have been blessed through them, to take a handful of the seeds and sow them into the good earth that awaits us on Camano Island.

Treena and I asked Tom and Christine to come up with a list of the shares needed to complete this first building phase.

Each share is valued at $70 in order to refer us back to the sending out of the early disciples.

Please review the list of needs to complete this phase and the shares each will take to finish the task ahead. You can specify a task area and by doing so will receive specific dates on you investment.

  1. 4 shares = 1-32 foot beam (8 needed)
  2. 3 shares = 1-22 foot beam (6 needed)
  3. 1.5 shares = 1-24 foot beam (5 needed)
  4. 1/2 share = 1-sheet of plywood (80 needed)
  5. buy whatever shares you can to help with the $8,000 needed to complete the green roof

Together we can share in a much brighter vision of the future as we journey toward that day when His Kingdom comes and His will is done.

The Vision is Unfolding!
The Vision Unfolds

May the glory of the Lord shine upon you and grant you peace.

Benedicere! (“To announce good things and affirm one another”)
Graham Kerr

How You Can Join the Party

We ask you to join Graham and Treena in helping us with this special need. Here is how you can join us in finishing the roof:

  1. Donate shares toward the 11 beams still needed to complete the roof.
  2. Donate shares to help purchase the 80 sheets of plywood.
  3. Donate shares to complete the green roof.
  4. Join us Saturday August 10, 2013 for our 22nd Celtic Prayer Retreats and dedicate our new building – complete with roof we hope!


Number of Shares

Want to contribute a different amount? Click below and set your own donation level.