This week we are taking stock of our many blessings:

  • The sunshine is finally breaking through in Seattle…
  • Seeds are sprouting…
  • Spring greens are in and plentiful…
  • Mustard Seed Associates is busily preparing for the Wild Goose Festival in June in North Carolina!

We are tremendously blessed to have such an enormous array of friends around the world. You number more than 6,000, and I am blessed on a frequent basis to hear of the reach of our MSA relationships around the world! Yesterday I heard from a pastor in Wales who regularly reprints articles from Godspace to share with his congregation. Last week it was the leader of a ministry in Australia which, he tells me, has grown primarily because of the support and encouragement he receives through MSA. These stories are so deeply encouraging. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us to let us know how your work is impacted or enhanced through some intersection with MSA…we are committed to pray for you and it is so good to be mutually encouraged. In fact, why not take a moment now to share your stories on our Mustard Seed Stories page? We’d love to hear How MSA has helped you plant and grow mustard seeds of hope and change!


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We are in awe at what we get to be a part of helping you create a future with Gods kingdom purposes at the center. It is amazing and a tremendous motivation as our small team works toward doing big things for the kingdom. Creativity, innovation and imagination are at the heart of what we do and we are excited that so many of you find that the work of MSA stimulates that creativity.

As many of you are aware, the dawn of the Mustard Seed Village is beginning to peek over the horizon. This new community will enable us to greatly expand our creative resources as well as provide a place to gather and stir our creativity. The reality is we need to do a lot of things to keep it moving forward.

We covet your prayers as we seek to network and develop relationships with new individuals who have the ability to provide significant resources for the completion of the Mustard Seed Village. Phase I is just underway to build our first structure on the land, a sustainably designed, Celtic inspired barn. It will provide office space, classroom space, and a dry space to share a cup of warm tea on a rainy afternoon. This is a key structure for the Study Away program beginning September 2012. We will also finish up the well during this time. While there is not a shortage of water on the island, we do need to gain access to it If you have interest in giving – or connecting us with those who might be interested in this special project – please email us directly.

For the vital and core operations of MSA, we need funds to get the word out and to continue providing for our existing staff! We need to spread the word beyond social media, attending festivals and conferences to share the story, both past and future. I believe that many of you can be helpful in this way. On behalf of the whole MSA team, we appreciate your consideration of giving a gift in support of MSA.

I have a challenge for you.

Would you consider a gift to give us a “leg up” so we can help you more effectively create a future of hope and promise? Join with us in moving forward with the Mustard Seed Village, a Christian center of innovation and imagination. We need a boost to keep us rolling.

For some of you we realize, any gift is a challenge to an already tight budget, but a one time gift of only $10- 20 from each person on our mailing list would enable us to move forward with this important work. If everyone committed to $10 – $20 per month support for a year, we would be able to build the Mustard Seed Village, staff it, bring in students, bring in families, and collaboratively and creatively explore what it really means to live out a sustainable faith. That’s an awesome thought.

Would you please join us in creating the future one mustard seed at a time and help Mustard Seed Associates keep moving forward.

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