Speaking Topics-2

The Spirituality of Gardening

Speaker: Christine Sine and/or Andy Wade
Purpose/Audience: experiencing God in the garden
Format: 1 hour lecture or 6 hour workshop

Description: everyone is planting a vegetable garden today. In response to the recession many individuals and churches are planting community Even the White House has started a vegetable garden to supplement their salads yet few of us know how to connect these experiences to the biblical story and our Christian faith. This seminar explores the ways that the life death and resurrection of Christ is enacted in our gardens. It is an interactive session that provides opportunity for reflection and prayer as well as providing  practical hints on gardening.

Gardening with God & Neighbor

Speaker: Andy Wade
Purpose/Audience: This workshop explores how to connect with God & neighbor through sacred space, gardening, and design that invites sharing relationships.  Individuals, small groups
Format: 6 hour workshop

Description: In our journey of faith we often refer to Jesus’ command to love both God and neighbor. But what does that actually look like when we get home to our private sanctuary from the world?

As I tore up grass to grow food in our back yard I began to wonder how garden design influences how we encounter God in the garden. Later, after turning our front lawn into a giant garden, my question expanded to, how does loving my neighbor influence the way I create this private space that meets public sidewalk? In this workshop I’ll share more of my journey and the ideas it inspired, give some practical advice for making it simple and cost-effective, and have time for us to share stories and ideas from your own experiences.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Introduction
    1. Why garden with God and neighbor in mind? Part of the process of integrating faith into all of life.
    2. “What If” video
  2. Gardening with God in Mind
    1. Stewarding the gift of creation
    2. Getting out of the box!
    3. Letting God surprise you
    4. Discovering and creating sacred pockets
  3. Gardening with Neighbor in Mind
    1. Removing barriers and blurring the lines
    2. Inviting community/fostering hospitality
    3. Nomads don’t plant fruit trees – Putting down roots
    4. Fostering friendship through sharing
  4. A Light and Easy Burden
    1. Dig no more
    2. Recycle
    3. Save the water

Justice at the Table – food, faith, and justice

Speaker: Andy Wade
Purpose/Audience: Learning together about the connections between food, faith, and justice at home and in the church.  Individuals and small groups
Format: 6 hour workshop

Description: Justice at the Table is an interactive workshop during which we will explore together the intricate connections between our faith and the food we eat. Not only will we will challenge ourselves and each other to bring our eating and buying practices more in line with our beliefs, we will also draft a “Justice at the Table Plan” to help us implement those changes!

Cost includes Ricci Kilmer’s excellent booklet, “Justice at the Table”

 Rest in the Moment – a spiritual retreat

Facilitator: Christine Sine
Purpose/Audience: Creating space for rest and renewal while providing tools for ongoing spiritual health. Individuals and Small groups
Format: 6 hour workshop

Does your life become too busy and distracted to enjoy intimacy with God? Join us as we invite the spirit of God to stir our imaginations and guide us into a rhythm of rest and restoration that will sustain us in the months to come.

The pause God calls us to is one of enjoyment and satisfaction, a rest in which we hear God’s affirmation and pleasure in us, a pause in which we hear God’s voice say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Laying aside our work and busyness to pause, and focus on the presence of the living God is a wonderful way to centre our lives on the restfulness of mind and spirit that God intends for us.

Through prayer, reflection and creativity we will explore how to incorporate this type of restful pause into our days, our weeks and our year. Create your own spiritual rhythm and establish practices that strengthen your faith and draw you closer to the One in whom we live and move and have our being.

Imagine That!

Speakers: Tom & Christine Sine

Helping you anticipate and engage the future today

  • Making life decisions in a rapidly changing world
  • Doing church planning at threshold time
  • Preparing a new generation for a new millennium

Habitat 2022
Participants will join in a process to design a picture of their ideal future for the year 2022

Back To The Future – Anticipating New Opportunities
This session will outline global, national and local challenges and opportunities confronting our lives and churches in a new millennium. Small group discussion focusing on the implications of these changes and opportunities for our lives, congregations and a new generation will follow this session.


Back To The Past – Discerning God’s Purposes For Our Lives And Churches
Here we will attempt to help participants to understand not only God’s purposes for the future but also creative ways to put God’s purposes first in our lives, families and congregations.


Back To The Present – Creating New Possibilities For Our Lives And Churches
Here each person will choose to participate in a small group in which they will create new possibilities for their own lives and churches including: new vocational opportunities, new timestyles and lifestyles, new forms of community ministry and new Christian celebrations.

Creativity Feedback
First each small group will share their creative new ideas for both their lives and congregations
Second we will ask what ideas particularly capture people’s attention and wish to follow up.

Building a Bridge Back Home

  • We will ask people to spend some time in prayer, imagining one or two possibilities for their own future and that of their church.
  • Each person will share their ideas and a couple of initial action steps with one other person.
  • We will ask a few of the participants to share their ideas and initial action steps with everyone else.
  • We will conclude with leadership praying for all the new possibilities and commitments for life and mission in a new millennium.

If you are interested in a Creativity Workshop please contact:

Tom & Christine Sine
510 N.E. 81st
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 524 2111 or 206 524 2112
E-mail: mail@msainfo.org