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Slow News from the Innovative Edge

June 13, 2014
Slow Church

We had the joy of hosting Chris Smith and John Pattison at Mustard Seed House as they shared their journey into Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus. This is part one of Tom’s interview following the gathering. John Pattison and Chris Smith co-authored Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way […]

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Slow Church Gathering

May 27, 2014
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Join Chris Smith and John Pattison at Mustard Seed House in Seattle: When? Monday June 9th at 7pm Where? Mustard Seed House – 510 NE 81st Street in Seattle Join with us as Chris Smith and John Erik Pattison lead a conversation about their new book In Slow Church, inviting us to leave franchise faith […]

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Celebrate Earth Day – Plan a Community Garden!

April 22, 2014
Creating a Faith-Based Community Garden

The word “community” gets tossed around a lot these days. Although there are many definitions of community, when we speak about it in the context of faith it should include aspects of relationship-building, a joining together for a greater purpose than ourselves, and reconciliation – be that between races, economic differences, cultures or other areas […]

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Making a Difference Through Business and Investment

September 25, 2013
SOCAP 2013

– Tom Sine – Have you ever considered creating innovative new ways to make a difference in our troubled world through business and investment? Two weeks ago I was riding the 49 bus down Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco. It was exactly the same route that I took by streetcar many decades ago when […]

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August 30, 2013
Mark Scandrette Free

– Tom Sine – How can you be “free” to use your money and time on what matters most? Mark Scandrette can help you answer that question in his new book Free: Spending Your time and Money on What Matters Most. Mark is one of the most poetic and prophetic young leaders I know. And […]

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Igniting the Divine Spark – part 2

May 22, 2013
Ignite the Divine Spark!

– by Cindy Todd – I’ve been slow to write up a debrief, report, summary of the “Igniting the Divine Spark” workshop that I facilitated at Mustard Seed House on March 16. So here goes. The intent and the vision of the workshop was to help followers of Christ to recognize the divine light that […]

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At the Crossroads of Imagination and Global Need

April 16, 2013
David Begbie, Crossroads International

– by Andy Wade – Looking for innovative ways to help the world? This TEDx talk from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will definitely push your imagination into high gear! David Begbie will stretch your vision of what’s possible – and just might inspire you to move beyond your current expectations. My wife, […]

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Don’t be Intimidated, be Inspired!

March 25, 2013
Love Bombs

– by Andy Wade – That’s right, Don’t be intimidated, be inspired! Those are the words I’m hearing right now and I want to share with you. Often times we hear about all the amazing things people are doing and, because we’re just getting started, we feel intimidated, overwhelmed, and stuck. But it doesn’t have […]

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Gangster Gardening

March 10, 2013
Garden Fresh Vegetables

– by Andy Wade – Gangster Gardening. That’s what South Central LA resident, Ron Finley, said was needed to transform his neighborhood. Perhaps it’s also the attitude we need to take on as we look for creative ways to build sustainable-living communities. Like so many urban centers, there’s a lack of fresh, healthy foods and […]

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MacGyver Magic

March 7, 2013

– by Cindy Todd – MacGyver…now there was a creative guy! Not sure how many of you recall the show, way back in the late 80′s early 90′s. MacGyver was some kind of secret government agent guy who was incredibly creative at problem solving. He could make a sound barrier to ward off the bad […]

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