What If: a garden meditation

What If: a garden meditation 0

– Andy Wade — The past four years have been a transformational experience, both personally and in our garden. Below is a video reflection documenting these changes and asking the question “What if?”. Enter the journey with me and leave your insights below.   Interested in Garden Spirituality? Check out Christine’s wonderful book, To Garden(…)


Insights From The Authors of The New Parish

Insights From The Authors of The New Parish 0

  The following video was taken at a BBQ held at the Mustard Seed House this summer. It is a brief interview with Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens and Dwight Friesen, the authors of The New Parish. It includes some beautiful stories of suggested ways to become God’s faithful presence in your neighborhood.


Where Are You in the Story of Your Neighborhood?

Where Are You in the Story of Your Neighborhood? 0

– Andy Wade –   Where are you in the story of your neighborhood? Whether you live in a city apartment, urban neighborhood, suburban development, or even a rural setting, this is a really important question to ask.   Last week I posted a reflection, Injustice at the Table, in which I explored the great(…)


The Backyard Metaphor for Life

The Backyard Metaphor for Life 0

– Andy Wade – The backyard is really a living metaphor for life. A quick look yields some obvious points: You reap what you sow. Some things simply can’t be rushed. Planning and preparation yield the greatest results. There will always be pests. Many of the things you thought were pests actually have an important(…)


Slime Mold – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Slime Mold – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! 1

– Andy Wade – OK, I’m tired of headlines like that. “Click me! Click me!” But it’s really how I felt the other day. Slimed! What the ….? As we drove into our driveway after a week away I noticed this large bright yellow patch in the garden. Did someone dump paint? Wait, did a(…)


Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole 0

– Andy Wade – Do you ever find yourself reading an article, discovering an interesting link, following that link, and then another and another? That happened to me the other day, appropriately enough beginning with an article exploring intersectionality. This is the first of at least two posts on my journey into “Wonderland”. An idea(…)


Reach for the Sky!

Reach for the Sky! 0

– Andy Wade — By now we’re all well aware of the of the continuing trend toward urbanization. A projected 80% of the world’s population may be living in cities by the year 2050. As the world’s major urban centers bulge, new challenges arise for the millions living in them. One of the bigger challenges(…)


India’s Garden Game Changer

India’s Garden Game Changer 2

– Andy Wade — Cities all over the world are growing, and with this growth comes a multitude of challenges. Today India is facing the most rapid increase of urbanization in its history. Facing dangerously declining water levels, increased heat, and vegetables tainted by bacteria and industrial run-off, Prateek Tawari came up with a way(…)


Seven Tons of Sand and a Kiwi

Seven Tons of Sand and a Kiwi 0

In this segment of News for the Innovative Edge, Tom interviews worship curator, Mark Pierson. Mark Pierson: worship curator, pastor, and author of The Art of Curating Worship. You can read his guest post about taking worship seriously over on Godspace.


Innovative Edge – Millennial Generation

Innovative Edge – Millennial Generation 0

In this second episode of “News from the innovative edge”, Tom and Jon explore the millennial generation. Be sure to catch Jon’s post below the video. A Generation of Hope, Hopefully – Jon Plummer – A core piece of my internship lately has been researching the characteristics of the millennial generation (22-33 years old). It(…)