Reimagining Lent

March 18, 2014
Reimagining Lent

– Andy Wade – Lent is often thought of as a dark, introspective season. Voluntarily I give up, for a season, some part of my life to help me focus on “the journey”. Perhaps it’s chocolate, or coffee, or Facebook, or dining out. Multiple Lenten seasons I’ve participated in this way… and it’s been helpful. […]

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Opening the Door

March 8, 2014
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– Andy Wade – I try to keep this side of my life hidden. I’m not sure what it says about me and, quite honestly, I don’t really want to know. And yet Lent is a time of exposure. As I open the garage door of my soul, I peer inside, immediately confronted with a […]

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Unlearn, Learn and Relearn

February 7, 2014
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– Christine Sine – Tom and I have just returned from two wonderful weeks in Australia with my family and friends. This has been a very important trip for me, reinforcing the importance of my biological family and also of the country of my birth. However I also know that the sense of identity I […]

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Food, Faith, and God’s Good Creation

January 20, 2014
Lenten Rose

– Andy Wade – In Sabbath experience, the deep meaning of creation is revealed as the freedom of each creature to realize its God-given potential, and in that freedom to offer its worship back to God. — Norman Wirzba In preparation for writing with Christine Sine the sequel to her book, To Garden with God, […]

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Getting Ready for Lent & Easter

January 16, 2014
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Join us on a Lenten Journey Mustard Seed Associates is excited to announce new resources for the upcoming season of Lent. These resources include: Lenten devotional - A Journey Into Wholeness: Soul Travel from Lent to Easter, a blog series by the same name   a pre-Lent retreat, Return to Our Senses In Lent and a new […]

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Are you ready for the Lenten discipline of celebrating each step on the way home to join the great family for the homecoming feast?

February 26, 2013
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– by Tom Sine – Last night Christine prepared a magnificent Greek feast for a wonderful group of friends to celebrate another year of growing up and growing older. The feast included roast leg of lamb, oven roasted potatoes, beets and onions and two wonderful salads.  The first salad was comprised of roasted eggplants, red […]

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Are you ready for the Lenten discipline of celebrating those who have gone before?

February 19, 2013
Christine Sine

– by Tom Sine – “Ashes to ashes” are the words I heard again on Ash Wednesday last week as my pastor placed an ash cross on my forehead.  As I turn 77 this week I am much more aware of my mortality than I was a decade ago. Christine led a very inspirational retreat […]

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Ash Wednesday, a doorway into Lent

February 14, 2013
Ash Wednesday

– by Andy Wade – For the Western Church, yesterday marked the beginning of Lent, 40 days of self-examination, of deep reflection, of humility. One thing that bothers me about Ash Wednesday is the smearing of ashes thing. While there is good, biblical support for acts of repentance marked by ashes, I wrestle with those […]

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Lenten Reflection 2012

February 6, 2012
2012 Lenten Video Reflection

Our newest video in now out – A Lenten Reflection – Produced by Christine Sine. This year’s Lenten video focuses on our brokeness and need for repentance. Featured Music: “O Redemptor” from the CD “Prayers of St. Brendan” by Jeff Johnson © 2011 Ark Records Used with permission. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may purchase the […]

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