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August MSA Imaginings

August MSA Imaginings 0

Moving On But Much To Do   The MSA team has just returned from our Celtic retreat on Camano Island. Attendees felt it was one of the best we have facilitated.   The weather was perfect, the potluck meals lavish, the liturgies and music rich and renewing. Walking prayer trails and the labyrinth, painting our(…)



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Want to join MSA on Kickstarter to help us offer E-courses? Enough said? Go here: Alright, maybe a few of you need a little more. Read on! So, you know all the things that you love about MSA, the inspiring content, the collaborative creativity, the diverse community, and the deep spiritual formation? That’s what we(…)


MSA Is A Happening Place

MSA Is A Happening Place 0

MSA Is A Happening Place This morning I sat at my desk reflecting on a collage sent by a person who just finished reading Return to Our Senses. It includes the words, “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the sight”. I feel that these are prophetic words for us in MSA. This is(…)


Introducing Our New Summer Intern

Introducing Our New Summer Intern 0

MSA is excited to introduce our new summer intern, Cory Adam Baker, graduate student at Seattle Pacific University Seminary. Cory will be with us for 9 weeks engaged in a variety of responsibilities. Monday he helped clear nettles at the Mustard Seed Village. Tuesday we had him lifting windows. Thursday he was at George Community(…)


Wanted: Spiritually Fulfilling Lifestyle to Suit Idealistic Millennial

Wanted: Spiritually Fulfilling Lifestyle to Suit Idealistic Millennial 2

– Hailey Joy Scandrette – Last week my dad and I travelled to North Carolina to attend the yearly Wild Goose festival. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Wild Goose is a four-day event based in Christian spirituality, but with a focus on social justice, art and intentional practice. To quote the website: We(…)


The Backyard Metaphor for Life

The Backyard Metaphor for Life 0

– Andy Wade – The backyard is really a living metaphor for life. A quick look yields some obvious points: You reap what you sow. Some things simply can’t be rushed. Planning and preparation yield the greatest results. There will always be pests. Many of the things you thought were pests actually have an important(…)


Entertaining Angels Unaware

Entertaining Angels Unaware 0

I met Stefan at an evening we hosted in collaboration with The Overflow Project at the beginning of the year. He was looking for work, and we soon had him mowing lawns, weeding gardens and transforming a neglected space into a beautiful sacred space to sit and contemplate. I am looking forward to facilitating my(…)


A Millennial Talks About Millennials

A Millennial Talks About Millennials 0

– Jon Plummer – Jon Plummer, a graduate student at Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, profiles the millennial generation at a conversation on challenges facing the millennial generation in the future. Jon is a current student at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and will be graduating in June 2014 with a Masters(…)


Slow News – Tom Interviewed

Slow News – Tom Interviewed 0

This is the third of 3 videos recorded at the Mustard Seed House where Tom Sine interviewed John Pattison and Chris Smith about their new book Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus. In this video John questioned Tom about some of his insights. John Pattison and Chris Smith co-authored Slow Church:(…)


Slow Church Gathering

Slow Church Gathering 0

Join Chris Smith and John Pattison at Mustard Seed House in Seattle: When? Monday June 9th at 7pm Where? Mustard Seed House – 510 NE 81st Street in Seattle Join with us as Chris Smith and John Erik Pattison lead a conversation about their new book In Slow Church, inviting us to leave franchise faith(…)