Celebrate Earth Day – Plan a Community Garden!

April 22, 2014
Creating a Faith-Based Community Garden

The word “community” gets tossed around a lot these days. Although there are many definitions of community, when we speak about it in the context of faith it should include aspects of relationship-building, a joining together for a greater purpose than ourselves, and reconciliation – be that between races, economic differences, cultures or other areas […]

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The Art of Healthcare

February 26, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Art of Healthcare

– Andy Wade – Christine put me on to this news piece (below) about how art is being used creatively as a means of barter for healthcare. Both my children have spent multiple hours in hospitals for various surgeries and I have to say, the artistic creativity in the hallways and waiting rooms was often […]

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Coming Home to Emmanuel

December 17, 2013
Hood River Warming Shelter

– Andy Wade – This past Sunday marked the 28th day the Hood River Warming Shelter has been open this season. I’m reminded how, for some who have “no place the lay their head”, the days seem to drag on – especially those frigid winter days when you’re desperately waiting for the shelter doors to […]

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What is the call to “radical Christian discipleship” all about?

July 27, 2013
Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

– Tom Sine – Last week I talked about roasting and honoring Ron Sider. This week I want to explain one of the major reasons so many of us honor Ron….he introduced us to the concept of “radical Christian discipleship.” He called followers of Jesus to a more radical approach to whole life discipleship and […]

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At the Crossroads of Imagination and Global Need

April 16, 2013
David Begbie, Crossroads International

– by Andy Wade – Looking for innovative ways to help the world? This TEDx talk from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will definitely push your imagination into high gear! David Begbie will stretch your vision of what’s possible – and just might inspire you to move beyond your current expectations. My wife, […]

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Being Radical, Good Friday

March 29, 2013
The Overflow Project

– by Brian “Wolt” Wolters – Over the past several weeks I have found myself coming up with excuses to drive to work instead of ride my bike.  Even before I get in my truck I tell myself, “Oh, one more day of driving and then I’ll start riding my bike,” or even on a sunny […]

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Overflowing with Over-Abundance

March 15, 2013
Jackie Beeler

– by Jackie Beeler – If you ever run into me on a hiking trail, you might notice that I tend to carry belongings with me that are roughly equal to my size. My tendency to over-pack (I prefer to call it “being prepared”) is reflective of my subconscious belief that my belongings will alleviate […]

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The Overflow Project: Q & A

March 8, 2013

Q & A with Founder and Executive Director, Brian “Wolt” Wolters The Overflow Project (TOP) is a non-profit organization changing lives through simple living and generous giving. Through a 50-Day Challenge that runs Easter – Pentecost, TOP encourages people to think twice about the money they spend each day and consider how they could contribute […]

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Orange Christmas

December 3, 2012

– by Rebecca Joy Tucker – – Four Christmas’ ago, as a new Quaker church planter, I was broke. And it was Christmas. And my mom, since we were children, had always given my brother and I new pajamas on Christmas Eve. The last decade or so, my brother and I have been doing this […]

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Power to the People!

November 21, 2012
Anawim Steve

by Steve Kimes – While Linda was on the street, she was always called “Mom,” especially by the young street kids. She was a grandmother who adores little ones, but don’t get in her way. She’ll tell you what she thinks of you without hesitation, and she’ll keep all the young ones in line. The […]

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